M O O N L I G H T 


In all likelihood, you've never done this before. I'll walk you through the whole process with patience, understanding, and a bucket full of excitement. Below is a look at the experience you can expect working with me.

How does this even work??

all the little details

The Process

there are no cookie cutter packages here- no two weddings have the same floral needs- so let's create something just for you









two months out

custom proposal

one month out

week of the wedding

wedding day

end of the night


you ready to get started?

inspiration and adjustments

30 days before the BIG day, you make the final payment, which is 60% of the original quote, but this number almost ALWAYS changes from the original quote. I’ll place my order with the floral wholesalers after this payment is made. But don't worry, if you still want to add more flowers, you still can!

You are blown away by the proposal and are super excited to lock me down. You sign the contract and pay a 40% retainer.

After signing the contract, we don’t have to go radio silent! You can keep sending me inspo, I keep refining your order, we fawn over all the flowers. You can send me random pinterest pictures or ask how much things cost. You can decide that you want to beef up the reception space, or if you loose a bridesmaid it's all flexible. Or we can just say hey on insta every once in a while.

If anything has changed, we modify the price/contract accordingly. If necessary, we can have a mock up meeting with your planner at the venue to see how things look together.

I'm busy in the studio making all your flowers! Peep my insta stories for sneak previews of hanging at the market. 

If you want, I can get some wedding flowers pressed or preserved, or make a flat lay photo of all the ingredients (what the heck is that!?) We also wait for the photos so we can both relive that amazing day (tag me!!). Finally, we think about what flowers you need for anniversaries, births (!), festive celebrations, etc. 

Unfortunately, there won't be much time for us to see each other. I’ll be a behind-the-scenes ninja and then all of a sudden beautiful flowers will appear in front of you. Mostly I’ll be in contact with the planner if I have any questions. You have plenty of other things to take care of that day!

My team breaks everything down so you don't have to worry about a thing. Arrangements or even single flowers can be taken home by you and your guests, just make sure to leave the vases and containers.

make it official

This proposal will include a quote for everything you’ve asked for, some ideas and inspiration, and in depth descriptions for every line item (What the heck is a satellite arrangement? What should we do with the ceremony space?). This proposal may take a few days as I customize it for each client.


I’ll respond within 24 hours letting you know that I got your email, if I’m available, and when you can expect a proposal. I might have a couple follow-up questions about what you’ve filled out so far. If it's a weekend, I'm likely either at an event or in my studio designing for one.



Fill in the inquiry form on my contact page. Every question is asked with intention- so don’t ignore any of them! It helps me get to know you and your needs. if you reaaaaally don't have an answer for each question, just let me know and we can work out a solution together :) 

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