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I'm a florist specializing in custom designs for remarkable events. I will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are BLOWN AWAY by your wedding flowers. Together, we'll create a custom palette unique to you and your wedding. I'll walk you through the whole process with patience, understanding, and a whole lot of excitement. I understand that you (probably) have never done this before... and I really love flowers!! Sounds fun? Contact me so we can make some art together!

Lush, organic floral designs for one-of-a- kind weddings.

You're looking for someone to handle the whole picture: from conceptualization to ingredient selection, vase sourcing, ribbon matching bridesmaids' dresses, budget constriction, set-up, installation,  and tear down. Not to mention all of the little decisions in between. 

When you're searching for a florist, you're not just looking for someone who bundles flowers and drops them off.

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it's all the little things before the wedding that will make you feel like the big day is going to be extraordinary.

***Creative Partners: While we naturally lean towards a loose, organic, and free-flowing style, we are also open to and encourage any and all suggestions. So bring us your ideas, and together we'll create something extraordinary.

***Visual Guides: we'll carefully curate a proposal and provide a free floral mock-up to help walk you through the floral experience, imagine the possibilities, and see how your budget and floral choices will play out on your wedding day.

***Floral Translators: we'll seek to understand your priorities and vision, then we'll translate that through sustainable and locally-grown flowers based on the color story, season, and weather conditions. The end result will be your vision - made even better.

Things we are to every couple

It's not just the day-of flowers that will make your wedding design spectacular

*SIDE NOTE: free mockups are provided to clients who meet a specified budget threshold

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Weddings go by too fast – which is why our team will do everything we can to be 100% present with your family and friends. We want you to split time between being a gracious host and fun-loving guest at your own wedding.


We want a wedding that looks as good as it feels to attend. We’ll create a backdrop that wows, as guests take a break from the daily grind to indulge in life’s sweetest pleasures, especially (re)connecting with loved ones over food, drink, toasts, traditions and, of course, dancing your faces off


We’ll kick things off by identifying where you want this wedding to go, where we are right now, and then we’ll map our way backward from there to here. Once we know the path forward, we can start putting things into place so you know exactly what comes next.


I’ll propose a couple different ways I can help you create the wedding florals you never knew you wanted. You pick your favorite and we’ll make sure it’s perfectly set to give you everything you need – and not a bit more. (Isn’t it good to know we’re already watching that budget for you?)


Weddings are collaborations. It’s you, me, and all the other people contributing ideas that’ll make your celebration one everyone loves. Let’s get to know each other, make sure it’s a good fit, and talk about what’s most
important to you.

here's how we avoid that

Do you want to feel like your wedding could blend in with 1000 others on pinterest?

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"She was so EASY and FUN to work with. She quickly understood the vibe I wanted to create with our wedding flowers, and I felt fully confident that she would deliver stunning work"

- Sarah, previous client

As the owner of Moonlight Floral, I value honesty and transparency
and have made that a hallmark of our process and approach. If there is a less expensive option, or I don't think something aligns with your budget or priorities, I'll suggest an alternative that I know would be a better fit.

We're uncompromising when it comes to your experience. We only work with luxury ingredients and high-quality vessels. And we only employ floral designers we know and trust to deliver exceptional results.

In addition to floral design, I've spent 10 years photographing weddings. Through that experience, I came to understand good composition and how the choices you make for floral and decor impact your photos and, therefore, your memories.

I make it a goal to create trends, not follow them. I'm always on the lookout for new flower variations or cool vessels. I'm inspired by international designers, planners, and
stylists. And I find ways to incorporate unique flowers you don't see at every other wedding.

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