M O O N L I G H T 


about the founder

The floral industry can be hugely wasteful and compromising to our planet.  From plastic floral foam products that never degrade, to mass produced roses that are pumped with harsh chemicals and grown in factories.

It's our mission to focus on green practices and sustainability, while also providing elevated floral designs for the aesthetically refined wedding and event. 

We promise to make every possible effort to reduce waste.
We buy flowers from local farms, who pay livable wages, and don't saturate their products with harsh chemicals.
We use flowers that are in their peak season and prime beauty. 
After events, when arrangements are left behind, we make every effort to donate them- to guests, or nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, or anywhere that might enjoy them.
When we do have waste, I try to compost the green waste, which provides nourishment for my garden. One day I hope to have a small scale farm where I can grow many of my own blooms.

The name Moonlight originated from my journey as a florist- I started out as a photographer, doing floral design as a part time hobby. Then, I started taking on small weddings here and there, pulling all-nighters and staying up all night to finish the designs. I've always been a night owl, but floralizzing took it to a whole new level. It's also an homage to my first company's name- My Sun and Stars Co.

the moonlight manifesto

I first started my floral design journey because I wanted better pictures of flowers in my photography portfolio. I was tired of basketball-shaped bouquets at weddings, and looking at the same, boring style over and over. So I asked to be an intern for a local florist whom I adored. She said yes, and I learned how to create organic, natural, and artful arrangements.

From there, I got a job at a local retail shop, where I got experience in the high-demand world of retail flowers. I made everything from full weddings to dog flower crowns, Valentine's arrangements and funeral centerpieces.

My love of flowers stems from an appreciation for all things natural and wild and overgrown, and I hope to share that with you

megan lynn