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COVID-19 in totally unprecedented in every way. But that doesn't mean you can't get married, or that you can't have beautiful flowers while doing so! Like almost the entire wedding industry- my main job right now revolves around working with clients on navigating their events around the virus. Here's how we're navigating the changes- and how it affects you.

Photos above by Gabriel Conover Photography

and if you don't, you might live under an actual rock

you already know whats going on

the issues

supply chain, flower availability, and social distancing

Vendor booth at the wholesale flower market- in Dahlia season!

Ella Rose Farm- a local rose grower, in full bloom.

If flowers aren't being bought, then growers have no one to sell to. Flower farms have a VERY SMALL profit margin- so if the water gets shut off, all the crops die and they're out of business for the season (if not permanently).

As a florist, I purchase my flowers from wholesale markets. The wholesale market are the middle men between the florists and the farmers (growers). Many flower markets are closed, and most aren't operating at full capacity just yet. In addition, they're not getting as much variety or as much quantity from farms- so the flowers themselves are more costly and aren't as plentiful.

This just means I don't have quite the variety, or sometimes the best or rarest flowers that I love using in arrangements.  Or, the flowers I ~do~ get are more expensive than they would normally be. 
I'm relying more now on local and microfarms- like Psalter Farm FlowersWayward Daisy, and Ella Rose Farm (all within San Diego and driving distance of me!)

flowers are harder to come by

this doesn't mean there aren't any flowers!

Not a problem. We are happy to change your wedding date and we're the LAST vendor you'll have to worry about in terms of date changes! There aren't any fees, you don't have to change to a "non-peak date." (Peak dates are generally Saturdays April-October). 
In the **extremely unlikely** event that no one on our team is available for your wedding, we'll give you your deposit back.

You can reschedule up to a year and a half of when your original date! Beyond that, we'll have to revisit pricing

Not a problem either. We know that a lot of people may not feel comfortable with travelling, or guest counts might be restricted- you can adjust your line item and decrease your totals if need be! You can go as low as 65% of what your original budget was. For example, if your original flower budget was $4000, you can go down to only $2600 if you need to cut costs. 

date changes, price changes, new guest counts

need to reschedule because of COVID?

have fewer guests than anticipated?


In short, no. If you're an existing client of mine- we may need to adjust how lush, or how many specialty flowers you'll get per arrangement. You may get more of a percentage of standard roses vs garden roses. If the prices of flowers increase and you don't want to spend more- you'll just get slightly less/fewer flowers. 

would prices increase?


ready to get married NOW? We're ready to flower for you!

With everything going on, many couples are opting to have a small ceremony now- and celebrate later! We're here to help make it amazing!

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photo by Alexandria Monette